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Be accompanied by a Certified Therapist

Lack of motivation – Letting go – Stress management – Public speaking – Feel like you are not enough – Self-confidence – Limiting thoughts and beliefs etc …

Collective classes. Guided creative visualization and meditations. Relax and acces your natural serenity.

Boost your team’s motivation, stress management, prevent the conflict, and burnout.

Office Consultations

My Approach & Benefits

As Certified Hypnotherapist, I practice Ericksonian hypnosis and NLP taking into account the individual in its entirety and respecting its values. Each of us has …

Office in Paris


Collective Creative Visualization Workshops

Relax and call on one’s personal resources. Work on a theme through breathing and visualization; stress, self-esteem, abundance, sleep, success, creativity etc.

Depending on the theme of the workshop, I lead you to a state of attention and natural receptivity during which you do not sleep. This state will allow you to …

Business Coaching

Wellness Workshops in your company

Boost your team’s motivation, stress management, conflict prevention, burnout and burnout prevention.

Workshop "understanding Burn-out "


"Alina helped me to free myself from my anxieties and fears that prevented me from moving forward. During my sessions with her, she knew, without rushing, unlock something in the positive way. I have taken over my life and became the only actress of my life! "
N. G.
"I warmly thank Alina for her invaluable help during our sessions. I consider that there was "a before" and "after" my appointment with this professional. "
Emma C.
"I asked Alina to help me with the optimization and harmonization of my teams' work, which benefited our teams on the topics of motivation, resistance to change and acquiring new abilities to manage stress and reassess priorities. "
Hubert A.
Chef d'entreprise

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